Jessica Saigeon

GIS Specialist

Data Analyst

Sales Dashboard

  • Sales data organized and managed in a relational database
  • Sales dashboard with 24/7 access for easy decision making 
  • Sales Maps highlighting high and low sales regions
  • Social media analytics overlaid with sales data for easy visualization of trends

Why Data Management is Essential

1. Product Insights

Accurate data management will give you the proper insights into which products are top and bottom performing. Break your sales costs down to know where your money is coming from and where it should be going. 

2. Reduce Costs

Knowing your data inside and out allows you to find areas where you can reduce costs, resulting in more money in the bank for you!

3. Make the Right Decisions

With accurate data management you can know you are making the right business descisions whether on spending, costs, products to discontinue, or anything else. 

What’s Included:

Database Management

  • Proper data management in a relational database 
  • properly store data in order to pull out important information 
  • Easily connect customers, sales transactions, and products data
  • Extract useful information in order to make the right decisions for your business. 

Sales Dashboard

  • Visualization of all Sales statistics
  • Easy filters for month or year 
  • Monthly growth % 
  • Easily see top performing products 
  • Track gross sales, net sales, and expenses 
  • Keep record of discounts amount being given 
  • Compare online store and in person sales
  • and more!  

Social Media Analytics (Optional)

  • Import Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok or other social media analytics information into the sales dashboard 
  • easily compare sales trends to social media trends 
  • pinpoint content that is converting to sales and those that are not
  • Understand which parts of your content strategy are working and which parts need work. 

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